A club night for club music (whatever that may be).

Athletica is a hyperdrive melting pot of sounds designed to make you dance and make you sweat. Created as a space for free expression for DJs and dancers alike, each Athletica is different. However the overarching theme is you can expect the best from the underground every single time.
Founded as an Eora-based club night in 2019 by Isa, Athletica has grown to live as a party, a bi-weekly newsletter, and a monthly show on Nomad Radio. Over the past two years it’s hosted the likes of Ahadadream, Half Queen, Ninajirachi, Bianca Oblivion, Nina Las Vegas, and Strict Face, plus local legends Kilimi, Flower Boy 卓颖贤, Ayebatonye, Deepa, Mirasia, Donatachi, and more.
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