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Vol. 15  
  - with crescenDoll - 
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This volume is curated by crescenDoll. 

crescenDoll is a Gamilaraay woman  and Eora-based DJ. 
A regular on (pre-COVID) dance floors by night and a solicitor by day, crescenDoll is an appreciator of all things club, flirting with juke, Jersey, footwork, hard drums, UK bass, garage and more. This potent combo saw her selected for FBi Radio's 2020 Dance Class, a mentorship program that took place earlier in the year. 

Check out crescenDoll's latest mix for SHED's ISOLECTIONS series and a slew of her other mixes here. 

Music crescenDoll Likes...

A playlist to transport you to the secret location rave at 3am - the floor, walls, and ceiling are soaked, the sweat mist is catching in the lasers, and you're standing in front of a giant fan, grinning with your best friend. Expect hard drums and room-filling synths. 

...And Where To Buy It

ALL of the above tracks are available on Bandcamp!!! A miracle if there ever was one. Bookmark this playlist (or any other Athletica buymusicclub lists) to trawl for next week's Bandcamp Day - an event the first Friday of every month where 100% of sales revenue goes to artists. 
crescenDoll's Iso Reflections
As a person who has lived alone for close to 4 years, but really values human connection, lockdown/isolation were things that came with huge learning curves for me. The dance floor (and netball courts) were the times I felt alive and connected with all places and things, knowing I had the sanctuary of my home to return to after the party had fizzed out and the sweat had dried up.
However, once the full social and economic effects of a pandemic had set in, my home at first started to feel like a net rather than an oasis. It was a period where I began to really reevaluate my life decisions and reprioritise what was important to me. I realised that I was a fully formed person in myself, and whilst I am eternally grateful for the many wonderful event producers and scene we have in Eora, I began to see that I was distracting myself at times from the bigger picture.
I’d like to think that when we come out of this period, however long that will be, I will be a person who is just as able to appreciate inwardly my own emotions, senses and bodily sensations as I am the electricity in the air as when I am at a thriving party. This time in particular has made me appreciate all the more my duty and responsibility as a Gamiliraay and transgender woman to fight for the rights of others, both within my day job as a solicitor and outside of it. If lockdown has shown us anything is that we cannot take any liberty or hard earned win for granted, and that the world we exist within is one of contingencies. Nothing is set in stone.
I guess if I would emphasise anything, it’s that survival is enough. Existing is enough. If you’re a marginalised person, the continued space that you take up within the world isn’t just important, it’s necessary. Sometimes your battles will be grave and conspicuous, but often they will be invisible and their significance not realised for many years or decades. It’s important to give them their dues.
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