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Vol. 17  
  - with Morgan Hislop - 
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This volume is curated by Morgan Hislop.
Morgan Hislop is a London based swiss army knife of an artist, balancing DJing, producing, radio, video, and graphic design.

Embodying all things lush and colourful, his visual work lives in a  saturated future space of big shapes and bold patterns. Musically he's much the same, marrying sparkling synths and punchy kicks in his latest EP, Once You Pass The Light You'll Reach The Spire. 

Morgan brings this energy to his bi-weekly show on London's Reprezent Radio, which he briefly flipped into a lock down special, Self-Isolation Supper Club. Listen back to the series (and peep the artwork) featuring De Grandi, Nina Las Vegas, Martyn Bootyspoon and more here. 

Music Morgan Hislop Likes...

A housey playlist to transport you to a balmy arvo party, dancing under fairy lights at dusk. Morgan says...

With this I've done like the perfect build-up, warms up with some summer tunes to ease you in, then builds and builds to end of the night hands in the air - to be listened in order rather than on shuffle :D

...And Where To Buy It

Most of the above tracks are available to buy now or wishlist for the next Bandcamp Day (October 2nd)! Particular attention to Morgan's latest EP Once You Pass The Light You'll Reach The Spire - listen to skip between bouncy rave and tears in the club. 

Morgan Hislop's Iso Comforts

Lockdown and 2020 in general has proven to be a pretty heavy time for everyone’s mental health. I’ve gone through phases of apathy, depression, anxiety, sleepless nights of worry, weird house-bound exhaustion. But there have been some key pieces of media I’ve digested that have either allowed me to feel something, calmed anxiety or helped me focus in this time, either on work or just a chance to breathe. I wanted to share a few of these - that span across film, videos, music and games.

Light Motif by Frédéric Bonpapa is a short abstract animated film. It’s been about for a while but I’ve used it as a coping mechanism for years, it has such a soothing effect over me. From the colours, the smoothness of the textures to the enchanting Steve Reich soundtrack, Light Motif is like a big digital hug.

I’ve always been a huge Studio Ghibli fan, and have done a pretty good job pacing myself with watching them all over the years. As most of the studio’s back catalogue arrived on Netflix over the Spring I gave one of its more underrated films a go. Only Yesterday is a simple and realistic tale of a girl going to work on a safflower farm in the country. On the way she has flashbacks of her childhood. That’s pretty much it! The nuanced plot and minimal art-style was just a really pure and uplifting experience. It’s gentle and allows itself to wash over you, moments of nostalgia and simplicity hit you in your feels!

A record I have been championing on my Reprezent Radio show this year is Lauren Doss’s ‘Voices’ album, out on the wonderful Salmon Universe label. It’s a set of looped vocal recordings using Doss’s voice. It is honestly a jaw-dropping record. It focusses my mind when I’m distracted or feeling a bit hollow. It’s both euphoric and haunting and I could not recommend it enough, a perfect example of less-is-more but altogether so epic. 

My Switch has been such a valuable way to get off social media and have a moment to breathe. The most attached I got was with Kentucky Route Zero. Like Light Motif it’s been out a while but they recently released the full thing on Switch. At times it can be pretty eerie, but has some weirdly transcendental moments. It’s a subtle commentary on the impact of capitalism, which sounds heavy for a video game! It’s not one for someone after infectious gameplay, it plays more like an interactive film. But the final act, set in a destroyed village after a storm is both dream-like and profound, I actually shed a tear at a particularly forlorn moment. 

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Nina Las Vegas

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