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Vol. 20  
- with Kiminza -
It's a soft return to the (virtual) dance floor! We're teaming up with local crews Honey Point and Sucrose for SPLICE: a stream to welcome the summer sun. It's going to be a cute day to evening type vibe, raising money for Chalo HQ charities and the Aboriginal Legal Service. Happening Sunday December 6th from 2:30pm AEST, check out the event here.
This is the Athletica Newsletter - a bi-weekly mail out curated by a new artist every volume, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and a section for curators to write whatever they want! 
It also includes a link to a Bla(c)k Lives Matter resource, updated regularly (see up top). 

This volume is curated by Kiminza.
Kiminza is an Eora-based DJ, alumni of the Irregular Fit mentorship program, and one part of Ante Collective. 

Having spend most of their career as a DJ under lockdown, Kiminza has come to know sets not via the dance floor but via solo exploration. The style they have developed is part DJing, part audio art - loosely blending spoken word, field recordings, and danceable cuts. 

Listen back to their b2b mix with TRad on FBi Radio's Spin The Bottle, and scroll down to hear what they have to say!!

Music Kiminza Likes...

Tender and funky. In the words of Kiminza...

For this playlist I wanted to create something that could move with you in different contexts. Maybe to stretch to, cook breakfast, have a little boogie, chuck on at a picnic. COVID has demanded a certain fluidity in our days, and while I miss big club nrg, I wanted a track list that could work for other spaces we rely on. In order, it could tell a story, shuffled it could sound track your day, see what works :)

...And Where To Buy It

Almost all of the above tracks are available on Bandcamp!! Personal favourites are Thundercat's 2017 album Drunk, and the tripped out, dubby energy of Chyb (Flats Version) by Low Flung.
P.S. Bandcamp Friday is coming up next week!! If you want to send some coin to artists but don't know where to start, all previous Athletica BuyMusicClubs are here. Black Bandcamp, a crowd sourced list of bla(c)k artists, has also morphed into a blog with monthly picks for Bandcamp day. Happy shopping!!!

Kiminza's Restriction Reflections

Recent easing of restrictions have been a long breath out. Feeling the sun on our skin again. Finding some safety in a much needed cuddle. Being together in our green and blue space. I have been thinking about this slow reveal, and how I have been finding ways to exist and resist across all levels of openness. It feels cliche to still be reflecting on this process, but the precarity of it grips me. I have opened to sensation. Fear now lives in me, accompanied by a desire to ~feel it out~, my nervous system resting a little, but simultaneously on alert. New spheres to exist have opened in the unfolding. I feel things are simultaneously more connected and more fragmented. Ways to relate can be material or immaterial, immediately facilitated by big tech, or painfully prolonged by physical distance. All salient in my body-feeling, flesh contracting and expanding; it’s strange.

I’m an Aries and having my birthday without 1000x snuggles and 1000x attention was incredibly difficult?! I am a sensual person. I need touch, I need smell. Being in isolation felt so stagnant. Since then I have started to feel more pores again. In this slow process of reopening there has been a contrast between things about the world I want to let in, and things I want to keep out. Things I want to keep out, but can’t; or shouldn’t. Being QTPOC has led to a lot of angst about finding voice. Watching things happening in the world; pandemic, BLM mobilisation and response. In a sense I found it hard to yearn for outside and fear it. The fire in me wants to yell out in strength and defense. But so far I have found my capacity in whispers of love and kindness to those around me. I’m used to shouting, but tender words feel nice too.

image by my love Priyani ig: @__auntyp

When iso first began time existed for me as an undulating plane. I had this weird half-asleep vision that I was this small shiny ball rolling around a grid, revisiting terrains, gaining and losing momentum across hills, forming grooves with repetition. The constructions of linear time and atomised individuals fell away so quickly (not that they had previously gone unchallenged). Our existence in ecology with each other, with the more-than-human and non-human, has helped me experience myself as part of a web. A network can receive ripples of pain, but also waves of strength that transfer along each thread. So when I came across Deepa Iyer’s social change ecosystem it made a lot of sense. Maybe it can also help you find your place(s)?
A little resource, a little warmth, a little kiss for u x

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