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Vol. 25  
  - with Deepa - 
This is the Athletica Newsletter - a bi-weekly mail out curated by a new artist each volume, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and a section for curators to write whatever they want! 
A Bla(c)k lives matter resource list is also located up top.

This volume is curated by Deepa.
Deepa is an Eora-based DJ, host of Saturday Sunsets on FBi Radio, and one half of femme-fronted jazzy house collective, Honey Point. 

A fixture on Eora dance floors for the past 5+ years, Deepa has drunk it all in and accrued a genuinely eclectic collection of music for all hours of the day. As comfortable slinging club for Athletica crowds as she is spinning post-punk, ambient, jazz, pumping house, UKG, or DnB on her sunset slot/at any other given party in the city, it's her flexibility and care that's positioned her as one of Eora's up and coming selectors.

Join the waitlist to see her in her element August 13th at the Sydney Opera House alongside Touch Sensitive and Tseba for
Future Classic's Studio Party!!

Music Deepa Likes...

South Asian old skool hip hop nestled amongst sexy floor fillers. Listening for when you have a crush, but the horny type. 

...And Where To Buy It

Not everything from the playlist above is available on Bandcamp, but Enoughdefinitely is. Shouts to the Eora crew with Thomas Grey and Liam Ebbs's Elegy to Nick's Car.

Words from Deepa

Hi. I hope this finds you well.
I’ve been planning my Athletica newsletter for months now and now that the time has finally come, I’m unfortunately in a place of little emotional capacity. These past few weeks have been a real noisy time for my gentle heart. So I think I’ll be writing about some nice times that have happened to me in the past few months.
Before I get to the thick of it, I’d like to acknowledge the place from which I am writing this from; stolen land belonging to the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. I pay my respects to its true custodians, those before us and those to come. This land that I get to use to nourish my mind and my heart and use as a space to create a life that allowed me to write this newsletter has been in the hands of generations of Gadigal custodians for thousands of years before us, and will be for thousands of years to come. Indigenous strength and resilience is a source of inspiration. Indigenous sovereignty was never ceded. 
I think it is always worth reiterating - one of the most direct ways to cause change is through funding. If you have the capacity, please consider donating to one of the funds below in this link: www.pathtoequality.com.au/donate 
There are a lot of parallels to be drawn between what has/still continues to happen here and to what has been happening in Palestine-Israel. Some Zionists completely deny the existence of Palestinians, which resembles the Terra Nullius argument which British colonists claimed on this land. It’s a great time to read up on the history with so many resources becoming readily available. This site www.decolonizepalestine.com has a breakdown of the conflict by years as well as an extensive reading list. You can donate and learn about other ways to take action at www.apan.org.au. Go to rallies! Especially if you’re white! I think it’s also important to mention that being Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Semitism does not go hand in hand. For any Jewish readers who have felt unsafe with recent events, I am so sorry. My solidarity goes with you also.
Another example of IRL day colony to keep an eye on is the Pakistan-India Kashmir conflict. Sigh, colonisers. Wish we could all learn quicker.
I’ve been thinking about all these a lot, and talking about them extensively. Seeing the footage and also reflecting on the impacts these events have and will have, has devastated me a little. Protect your black friends, protect your brown friends, protect any people of colour you know and treat them gently and make them laugh when you can.


I wasn’t able to attend a rally to stand in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah this Sunday because I was playing a Boiler Room with my other half (and the best cheerleader I could ask for) Dani aka Dame. The lead up to this was INTENSE. ICYDK; Dani was involved in a car accident and we got the call that night to play while she was in hospital. Wild. This opportunity didn’t come without its fair share of discomfort. The promoters got feedback of the original lineup being too white and so a tokenistic extension was added to make amends. I don’t like being tokenised lol. Long phone call after long phone call after long phone call. I say yes and Dani screams and now look at this:

Last year I lost all my photo albums, images of when I was a baby to about 12 years, as well as countless art journals and diaries full of thoughts I had about my young crushes, my broken heart and simply my mediocre day turned into prose. So I froth on any form of documentation and now this sick ass moment is immortalised.
It’s pretty hard to think about what I would have written or the photos that were in those albums. Here is another attempt at immortalising some nice moments that don’t involve faces from the past few months.
I tried my best to be a beach person this summer. I think it was 40 degrees that day.
Sydney Park on my birthday weekend. I thought it looked like the Windows Wallpaper.
January 1st at Charlotte’s Pass. This is our walk back to the cabin after having jumped in a watering hole that was so cold it made “the light go away from [your] face”.
Said watering hole.
More Charlotte’s Pass because I could not believe my eyes at what I was seeing. It was the kind of scenery you see and you feel something soften inside you.
Sunset with my sister on my rooftop in early Autumn.
A surprise beach trip for my partner to a beach we really wanted to explore (which ended up being more average than we expected but it was a nice day soooo eh).
The view on the way back from the first festival I’d played post-dystopic-covid. We stopped the car to grab it before all the valleys disappeared.
 I think this must have been the first 50+ people house party? Missed this sm. 
First time my brother had visited Sydney in 3 years. This is him and his best friend from high school, and another friend who I can’t remember how he knew.
The sunset on this day transformed over and over again. This was in its middle stage. The boat in the water reminded me of one of my favourite books by Ernest Hemingway, ‘The Old Man and The Sea’.
Unfortunately I thought this image was going to turn out different to this but this still looks pretty neat. A blurry image of my brother. We had come home from the beach and were in the midst of destroying some El Jannah. He’s grown. I missed him.
Sending you that warm feeling you get in your ears when you remember something nice.
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