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Vol. 26  
  - with DAWS - 
This is the Athletica Newsletter - a mail out curated by a new artist each volume, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and a section for curators to write whatever they want! 
For Eora-based readers, a COVID relief resources doc is up top!

This volume is curated by DAWS
Boorloo-born and Narrm based, DAWS is a DJ, producer, and living neon sign. 

Specialising in high energy sounds across the spectrum of  club, house, and rave, DAWS has rocked dance floors from Splendour in the Grass to Sub Club and scored mixes on Rinse FM, Triple J, Skylab, and more.  

She's also recently began to unleash her own tracks, both of which are raw and propulsive, perfect for late night sweaty crowds. For more of DAWS, read below!!

Music DAWS Likes...

Vibey house and rave with a smattering of classic pop. Hit play to soundtrack a bedroom dance, state sanctioned walk, or (for those outside of the Eora Country lockdown) your pres before a night out. Icons only #FreeBritney.

...And Where To Buy It

Almost all of the above (except for the obvious Big Hits) are available to purchase on Bandcamp! Special shout out to Sherelle's debut release, 160 Down The A406 - it's spaced out and gorgeous, and I think it's really cool that Sherelle didn't rush their first single after the infamous Boiler Room and put it out when they were ready! Grab it below. 

Words from DAWS

Hey friends, well done on making it through another retrograde! 

This most recent retrograde was meant to be one of the worst ever so at least we’ve got that behind us.

Here’s a quote from my favourite lesbian and queer centric website’s tarot reading:

 Cancer season still ushers in the summertime (wintertime for us), urging us to slow down, be present, and honor the experiences that we are having — whatever they may be. In this time of water, we’re offered a chance to be soft, to be aware of what is happening internally. We’re granted the gift of space.

I know I’m not alone in feeling this but between the sludge of lockdown cagey-depression, full-time day jobbing, looking for new housemates, and trying to keep up conversations with loved ones but not having much to say beyond ‘not much’ when people ask what’s been happening with you - it’s all been feeling like a bit of a long walk off a short pier. 
That said, with the retrograde passing, choosing these songs and writing about the things that I’ve been emotionally connected to or inspired by has been rather healing and given me a chance to breathe and think about why I like the things I like, so I’m glad to be onboard for this newsletter. So to summarise the music and pieces, let’s say:

To feel transported, recovered, optimistic, or focussed
To celebrate pride month
Before we get into it, I'd like to acknowledge the place in which I write these words is held on the stolen land belonging to the Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung, Taungurong, Dja Dja Wurrung and the Wathaurung people of the Kulin Nation. I pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Indigenous sovereignty was never ceded. 
I’d also like to make note of Black Rainbow, a foundation who are investing in the futures of the Indigenous LGBTIQ+ community. If you are in a position where you are able to, please consider making a donation.


Cool music videos to sus
Star struck by Troye Sivan
I never really cared for Troye all that much. He used to come to the club where I door girl’d at back when he was just blowing up on Youtube and I didn’t get the hype.

BUT THEN! Two weeks ago he came into local Melbourne club rat and DJ haunt Hope Street Radio. All the ‘cool’ underground DJs, stylists, influencers, thirsty queers, and so on flocked to the bar to catch a glimpse of a real life celebrity in their small (but actually very large) and humble (but actually quite bougie) bar. I say ‘cool’ because I never thought any of these people would care for a huge international pop star or their presence in a close proximity, I thought that they would be too cool to care. But I was wrong, and what was cool was seeing everyone get all giddy and riled up at the thought of someone, something, from somewhere visiting (despite him living a mere 2kms away from the venue). It gave myself, my partner, and seemingly everyone else a sense of inspiration and hope that not only is Narrm on the map for a big international star, but perhaps it could do more for our little scene, and perhaps maybe some of the people among us could one day be big international stars too (this sounds corny af but somehow we all felt it). 
Underground dance music has been the pulse keeping our cold and otherwise concrete city alive and well, and although Troye is not in that realm, he did enlist a bunch some of the most talented crew for his latest music video that are long standing and loving members of the community. So I guess I’m writing all this because not only was it kind of cool to feel inspired by the video, but it was a big wow moment to see some the local talent and scenes on the set of Troye’s video. It gave me a gust of energy and new love for pop music, excitement for the future ahead for the music scene in Australia, and maybe even celebrity culture.

Watch here

TLDR - saw a celeb irl, went and watched his new music video stacked with local talent,  andnow feeling inspired :) 

And since I’ve now got myself on a pop train:
Our bicon also came out with a super hot music video recently!
Britney Spears + Whitney Houston are in the Spotify playlist for this because these songs are huge mood lifters for me, especially on those days where I can’t seem to do anything or get anything right:
One of those days
When the sun is shinin' bright
And my life is going right
And the simple things are not wasted
One of those days
When you're cruisin' in your car
An' you might just see the stars
And it's warm outside and beautiful, oh yeah

I love those lyrics because it’s just like hey everything might be really shitty right now but at least if you can have a moment to yourself to notice the little things (today it was a really large orange cat’s tail) then that’s pretty sweet.
Also this isn’t really in the pop realm but I think we should all feel excited for:
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