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Vol. 2  
  - with Flower Boy 卓颖贤 - 
Welcome to the Athletica Newsletter!! This is a mail out curated by a new artist each week, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and iso tips for how we're staying sane. 

This volume is curated by 
Flower Boy 卓颖贤. 

Flower Boy 卓颖贤 is a Sydney DJ and producer whose tastes run from fever pitch bangers for a sweaty club to gossamer ambient for a Sunday afternoon. She's showcased the former in pre-rona clubs across Sydney and Melbourne, and the latter on her Nomad Radio show, half-light, with friend and fellow producer/DJ, Hence Therefore.
In her spare time, she helms club night Milk Teeth with Sydney DJ, Kilimi, and posts thought-provoking Instagram polls. 

Music Flower Boy 卓颖贤 Likes...

Put on this playlist and sip on a quarantini. In Flower Boy 卓颖贤's words... 
A mix of old and new releases that make me wanna dance... Some are classics, some are classics in the sense that I have strong memories of dancing to them in 2014, some are songs that kinda make me want to cry, which feels fitting with the ~current climate~. The playlist is in a vague order but it also sounds good on shuffle, which I tested by listening to it on shuffle for the last two weeks 🥰

...And Where To Buy It

Most of the tracks from the Spotify playlist are in here to buy, plus a few extras! Special mention to the HeForShe x femme culture compilation, who, on top of including excellent new stuff from the likes of Bianca Oblivion, Elkka, and Andy Garvey, will also be donating all proceeds to the United Nations Women COVID-19 effort. 

Flower Boy 卓颖贤 's Iso Tips

To stay sane, I've been doing lots of cooking and watching shows on Netflix that feel "educational" (usually pertaining to cooking). One show I've really enjoyed is Restaurants on the Edge.. it's kinda like Queer Eye, except they're travelling around the world helping struggling restauranteurs.
Every episode is set in a completely different place and it makes me wanna travel real bad (like who knew I'd want to visit Malta just to eat salt??) but it also provides some food/drink/interior design inspiration. 

Re: cooking, aside from making tonnes of bread (lol) I've been slowly making my way through this list: https://www.bonappetit.com/collection/best. I usually do one or two recipes a week. An easy one I HIGHLY recommend is the french toast.
When done right, the inside of the bread (DEFINITELY USE BRIOCHE) turns to custard (I DON'T KNOW HOW IT WORKS) and it is INCREDIBLE (SERIOUSLY !!!!!). Serve with some fruit or yogurt to help balance out the feeling that you're having dessert for breakfast. Or don't. Whatever tickles your fancy. 
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