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Vol. 3  
  - with Nora Zion - 
Thanks so much for subscribing to the Athletica Newsletter!!! This is a mail out curated by a new artist each week, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and iso tips for how we're staying sane. 

This volume is curated by Nora Zion. 
Nora Zion is a Perth based DJ and producer running party collective BUN DEM alongside her music partner (and IRL partner!), Super Flog. Across her mixes, events, production, and (fucked good) edits she champions a heady blend of dance hall, afrobeat, and UK sounds from garage to funky. 

Music Nora Zion Likes...

There's a song for every iso mood in here. From Nora...
This Spotify playlist includes older and newer sounds of different genres that I found myself listening to these last few months. 


...And Where To Buy It

Not a tonne of the tracks from above are avail on Bandcamp, but a few are, plus some of Nora's own production! Special love to her hazy Aminé flip on DUN BOOT. For everything else in Nora's playlist, iTunes and Soundcloud are great bets. 

Nora Zion's Iso Tips

Iso has been quite manageable for me. I still had to work every day and social distancing was very difficult in a small kitchen so I was quite worried for a bit. Yet, that gave me an excuse to leave the house and look forward to my comfy domestic temple. I've been spending lots and lots of time bonding with my cats and convincing them home is better than the outdoor world, which is obviously quite hard to communicate except for petting and playing non-stop.
I also found myself less anxious as there wasn't/still isn't pressure to go out and check boxes, at times socialising for "work" purposes or just being places for the sake of how good the weather is. It's given me time to appreciate the slight removal of geographical boundaries and I've actually felt more socially supported and connected to others in ways I am comfortable with, and not only musically. And driving... woah. As I'm writing this, things in Perth have picked up a lot but the emptiness of the streets was one of my number one highs.
I've been also baking lots more than usual and it's given me the opportunity to spend days focused on a single task, also getting closer to my mum through sharing Bulgarian recipes which I never had interest for when living there. My music/life partner and I have also been brainstorming various ways to engage with our community through BUN DEM rather than the occasional gig, so new content is coming soon.
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