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Vol. 5  
  - with Ninajirachi - 
Thanks so much for subscribing to the Athletica Newsletter!!! This is a mail out curated by a new artist each week, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and iso tips for how we're staying sane. It's also going to include a link to Bla(c)k Lives Matter resources, updated weekly (see up top). 

This volume is curated by Ninajirachi. 

Ninajirachi is a Central Coast DJ/producer wunderkind. 

Breaking through to Triple J as an Unearthed finalist while she was still in high school, she's since signed to local club label and big Athletica favourite, NLV Records. You might've also caught her touring nationally with What So Not, Mallrat, and FOMO Festival (rip). She's curating this newsletter off the back of her latest EP, Blumiere. 

Nina's vibe as a DJ and as a producer is lightning flips between the lush and ethereal, and hard, gut-punch kicks, so get ready for the ride.

Music Ninajirachi Likes...

Shiny pop anthems and sadboi rap scattered amongst some heavy hitting bass. Nina says... 

No particular theme here, just old & new songs I've been loving/running to/playing in Zoom DJ sets. I'm sooooo excited for the new Baauer album, there's lots of that in here. I also added my favourite songs from Glacci and Yung Lean's new albums. Some music from my new EP too!
Also, this is one of my favourite mixes ever.
I found it through a YouTube recommendation when I was 13 and just getting into dance music, so I'm sentimental about many of the songs because they remind me of hearing D&B for the first time and generally that formative period of developing my own taste. Anyway, the point is I included a few of them in the playlist too, because I re-listened to the mix when I was doing a workout a few weeks ago.

...And Where To Buy It

A couple of the dancier tracks are in here, plus Blumiere, Nina's brand new EP off fav Aussie label, NLV Records! The rest can be found on iTunes, Beatport, and the like.

Ninajirachi's Iso Tips

First up I wanna acknowledge everything going on in the world right now and encourage you guys to donate what you can to organisations doing great work for Australian Indigenous communities. On Friday I had no choice but to go ahead with my EP release, so from Bandcamp release day sales and EP launch party donations we collectively raised over $1300 which we split and donated to the below organisations. If you have the means to donate too, please do!
If you're white and trying to learn/do better but feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, I'd recommend this video. It's a social experiment so you can really SEE what's going on as she speaks. I found it super helpful.
One thing keeping me sane in iso is being around my cat all the time. She sleeps in my bed every night and almost always sits next to/on me when I'm working at my desk. I'm spending soooo much time working in my room at the moment and it's nice to always have company. I keep having to give disclaimers on Zoom calls that I have a needy cat who might try to get amongst it while I'm on camera haha. In general being able to move back and live with my family through this period has been amazing, because even on the super downer days, I never feel alone.

Like a lot of people I've spent a good 300+ hours on ACNH over the last few months. I'm almost frustrated that I haven't gotten bored with it yet, because I have so many other Switch games on the list to play. My island is still a WIP and I keep remodelling areas I thought were already perfect. Here are pics of me and some of the crew.
I'm generally not a TV show person, but I watched The Midnight Gospel on Netflix the other day at the recommendation of my brother and it was really great, I'd definitely recommend it. I've also been pretty into this chai. It took me a while to find a vegan one but my friend put me onto this a few months ago and I've been drinking it every night since. I think it tastes the best when you boil it in soy milk on the stove.
I also recently found this 100% Aboriginal owned and operated wellbeing brand and I can't wait to try their essential oil blends next time I need to buy new ones: https://earthblended.com/.
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