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Vol. 7  
  - with Rakish fka Support Act - 
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This volume is curated by Support Act

Support Act is a Sydney DJ and 2SER radio presenter who's come up through Ayebatonye's Irregular Fit mentorship program.

He now runs BIPOC collective, Ante, alongside other IF alumni (plus a few added friends!), taking to Twitch to host DJs for LAN parties throughout iso.

Support Act's mixing is dense and quick, flipping between RnB edits, percussive club, colourful house music, soulful disco, and more. Expect fast switches and live remixes!

Music Support Act Likes...

Support Act uses this playlist to teach a history lesson. He says... 

Black musicians gave us house music in the 80s, and even today, some of my favourite house tracks are those originals produced and performed way back when. So I want to share them with you - the first half of the playlist is a collection of iconic tracks by black house pioneers in the 80s and early 90s. The second half is  contemporary black and brown musicians continuing their legacy and pushing the genre to its limits.

...And Where To Buy It

A lot of the newer stuff from the playlist in here! Plus some tasty extras. Support Act says...

This is straight up stuff I've been looking to DJ with. There's a lot of influence from my friends in Ante Collective here - we're constantly learning from each other and sharing music. 

Support Act's Iso Tips

First things first, let’s check in. Tragedy fatigue is real and valid, and we have to find ways to recuperate.  BUT black lives matter all the time. For all my non bla(c)k folks out there, keep up the active ally energy. 

The best advice on being an ally I’ve received is to operate under the assumption that you are racist, queerphobic, misogynistic, classist, casteist and all that nasty stuff. It's safe to assume we've all internalised these things because bias and prejudice reproduces itself in all forms of structures. No one has ever "arrived" at good allyship - there will always be more work to do, and we will spend the rest of our lives unlearning and relearning.

Outside of that, though, I’ve been turning my attention to cooking.

I’m a big pizza fiend and recently started making my own at home. I've levelled up in iso and I’m finally getting some leoparding on my pies! 

It’s not all about skill gain though. I’ve been spending plenty of time at home with my grandmother, who is 85 this year. She loves McDonalds soft serves, national geographic, and novelty rap merch.
Amongst my friends, she’s a bit of a fashion icon. 
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