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Bla(c)k Lives Matter resources here
Vol. 8  
  - with Mirasia - 
Thank you for subscribing to the Athletica Newsletter! This is a mail out curated by a new artist each week, with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp, and iso tips for how we're staying sane. It also includes a link to Bla(c)k Lives Matter resources, updated weekly (see up top!). 

This volume is curated by Mirasia.
The following is Mirasia on Mirasia... 
Mirasia is a Sydney DJ/Producer and mother to one of the pioneering oceanic ballroom houses, Kiki House of Silky.

Silky is a growing tight knit chosen family made up of queer and trans people of colour that nurtures talent, ballroom studies, kiki's and supports each other in every day survival.

Mira on the beat is here to get the gorls up! Whether it's soft and sexy grooves, island girl rhythms, ballroom anthems, ratchet banjee hype, old way house or her own HA remixes. It's gonna get cunty. 

Music Mirasia Likes...

A cathartic journey spanning spoken word poetry, Nigerian alté, Jersey club, Baltimore club, ballroom, RnB, and more. No skips in this one. Mirasia says...

This playlist is to be listened start to finish, no shuffle bitch. She is telling a story with a distinctive journey. Get ready to reflect as well as let it all out!!

...And Where To Buy It

As always, the older tracks from above are avail on Beatport and iTunes, but some of the newer stuff can be copped via this list! On top of that, four fresh remixes by Mirasia herself. All cover art captured at Sissy Ball 2020. 

Mirasia's Iso Tips

Dunno if I can honestly say I’ve stayed completely sane this entire iso, or whether I was ever sane to begin with. I’d say pussy is immaculate and pussy insane. She’s bat shit and you know, I can work with that. 

I’ve been isolating on the other side of the country with my bio family which has had it’s rewards and also been testing... on top of being physically apart from my chosen family during these times.

 On an iso walk. This is part of the running route I’ve been taking with my Dad. I listened to the playlist a bunch of times running through here, would also recommend as a workout mix. 

I am lucky to have been raised in an interracial family who supports the BLM movement, but that doesn’t go without saying we are still working towards dismantling systemic racism within ourselves, inside the home and on the streets. There is so much work that needs to be done, and it’s hard to see people I love experiencing such deep pain. My tips are be patient, listen, practice compassion and resilience. There is hope amongst the pain as we are finally at the first stages of acknowledgement and recognition. As Mother Badu sings in her verse on the second last track of my playlist “Liberate the minds, then you go on home..”

Mum making kimchi. Cooking is mother’s love language.
A huge highlight being home is being nourished by Ma. She has created so many delicious Asian fusion plant based recipes for me. Recreations of childhood favourites, dishes my mother grew up on in Papua New Guinea, a lot of experimentation and flavour sensations she has passed on that I use in my own cooking.
In the spirit of pride month, and as a queer woman of colour I must acknowledge our history, which means mentioning the one and only Marsha P. Johnson who paved the way of our liberation. Our pathway to freedom starts with protecting the lives of Black and Indigenous Trans Women who are not only the most marginalised peoples, but at the highest risk of hate crimes. Track 12 on my playlist by the legendary Vjuan Allure says “what he failed to tell you was when you’re on my time, I can reclaim it.”

Enjoy the selects xoxo
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