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Bla(c)k Lives Matter resources here
MP email contacts/templates, Twitch talks chaired by Scratcha DVA
Vol. 9  
  - with Venus - 
Thanks so much for subscribing to the Athletica Newsletter!!! This is a mail out curated by a new artist each week with a Spotify playlist, a BuyMusicClub list to buy those tracks on Bandcamp,  and chats on iso life/life in general.  It also includes a link to Bla(c)k Lives Matter resources, updated weekly (see up top). 

This volume is curated by Venus. 

Venus is a multitalented creative based in Sydney. 

DJ/radio host/writer/occasional VJ (you might have seen her video collages projected at the first two Athletica parties), her work consistently highlights the bright, bejewelled, and weird from the underbelly of the internet. 

Listen back to her show on Nomad Radio, grit&gloss for a taste of what's locked up in her USBs. 

Music Venus Likes...

This is a playlist that ramps up as you listen to it, beginning with the floaty hooks of PC Music's latest signing, Namasenda, and ending with the tits out madness of BS6 by Hyroglifics and Sinistarr (a sure club favourite if... clubs....... were open............). Strap in for the ride.

...And Where To Buy It

A good few of the above tracks are in this playlist, plus some Bandcamp exclusives selected by Venus! Special shouts to Allergy Season and Discwoman's comp, Physically Sick 3, which will be donating all proceeds to Equality for Flatbush, an organisation fighting gentrification and racist policing in Brooklyn. 

Chats with Venus

Right now I’m trying to hone my mad emailing skillz, as a small part of my continued journey to be actively anti-racist and to participate politically, because it’s a super accessible way to engage with issues locally, interstate and even internationally if done right. Screenshots of this twitter thread  have been floating around about the power of emails vs petition signatures (spoiler: they’re both good in different ways), but the whole thread has more information about how contacting the offices of local government en masse can move them to take an issue seriously. As easy as it is to just copy and paste something someone else has written to a local, state or national MP/minister, a few unique sentences from you could mean the difference between the right people seeing it and it being marked as spam. 
POV: your laptop as you take 15 minutes out of your day to write a thoughtful email to an MP
This paragraph was going to be the homework portion of the newsletter, with deets on who to email and info for said email about the police enforced COVID-19 lockdown across nine public housing towers in Melbourne over the past week. As of last night hard restrictions have been lifted across eight of the towers with one still in full lockdown, however a police presence will still be maintained across the blocks. Get into all the info here.  A lot of the pressure to remedy this situation came from the local community in Melbourne on the ground and direct to the inboxes of local and state members and ministers! At time of writing, I don't know what the current plan is for residents and how best we can help but keep an eye on the RISE twitter account and #freethe9blocks for information as the situation unfolds. 

I’ve been super grateful to have a big yard in my share house and try to spend some time out there at least once a day, ideally in the sun! One of my fav things to do is read in a little chair by the herb garden, right now I’m reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I’m also really enjoying yoga as a new iso hobby, Adriene from Yoga With Adriene is an absolute queen and I’m all over her channel when I’m not on youtube watching the fuck out of some tiktok compilations and video essays.
View from my chair!
My creative mood has been pretty up and down in iso, sometimes I want to get stuff out there and sometimes I just want to exist for myself, so I quietly launched my own newsletter for my writing about a few months ago. They’re snapshots of my favourite DJ mixes and some cool links I’ve found, it’s nice being able to set my own schedule with it and have a direct connection to share cool stuff with friends. If you’re interested in reading you can sign up here :~) Very excited to see everyone on a dance floor or at a protest v soon, luv y’all x
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